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September 04, 2006

Ralph in Review

I guess it is now appropriate to comment on the effect Ralph has had on property values in Edmonton and Alberta in general.  I'll leave it to more educated specialists to comment on other aspects of his legacy. At the time Ralph came to power I had been practising real estate for four years.  Interest rates were coming down slowly from 16%. The market was sluggish to say the least.  There certainly was no sense of optimism.  I certainly won't suggest that he was the cause of any optimism in terms of the Edmonton housing market.  What I can say is that the year he came to power Alberta had run its 7th consecutive defict budget ( 3billion dollars).  This year it was 14 billion on the plus side.  In between now and then alot of things has happend and to go through them all would be painful for all of us.  What I will say is that from what I witnessed from the moment he became premier was a sincere desire to make Alberta a better place to live and work.  Some of the policies were bad, but many were good. Today Alberta is Debt free and in a very enviable position.  It was not always so and not many came to Alberta's aid when the NEP came crashing down.  So from a real estate perspective Ralph we'll give you an A on your report card.  There's a lot of subjects so we'll wait to see what the overall report card is.  Back to normal posts tomorrow.


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I feel Ralph has left a legacy on this province. I moved here from Saskatchewan due to the booming economy, and I do not know all of the negative things Ralph has been involved in, but what I do know, is he has made the proper policies to make this a wealthy province.

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