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October 06, 2006

Edmonton Journal Feature: House for sale

HomeinspectionToday I discovered a special section on the Edmonton Journal website called "House for Sale." It has a collection of articles about the current real estate market, including the experiences of a number of different people buying and selling real estate.

It also includes some rather long-winded videos that give insite onto what it is like to be a buyer, seller or Realtor in Edmonton these days. Overall the articles and videos are really not worth the time it takes to read and watch them. They are one-sided and don't truly reflect the marketplace, and the strategies a good agent can use to get what their clients' want. One of the main things the articles discuss is the importance of getting a home inspection, and the number of homes that are currently selling with no inspection condition. Yes, many buyers have waived home inspections in recent months, but every situation is different, and we have successfully negotiated inspection conditions for all of our buyers that wanted one in this heated market. In one case the inspector found a $90,000 flaw allowing our buyers to back out of the deal and find another home.

Overall my advice to you is this: choose your real estate professional wisely. Interview them, ask to see their qualification and designations, or ask friends or family for a referral to an agent that they found did a good job for them. As one of the interviewed agents is quick to point out, all it takes is a three-week course and you've got a lic ense to practice real estate. Do you want to work with someone with three week's worth of education, or someone with years of experience, an excellent customer satisfaction rating from hundreds of satisfied clients, and dozens of professional development courses under their belt?

Oh, if you really want to see the Journal's special feature, you can find it here:



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